Collab Coalition

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(c) Sam Heyvaert

Contemporary electronic music outfit Collab Coalition (Ghent, BE) are sound sculpturists Patrick Housen, Dries Geusens and visual artist Ellen De Vos. 

Shaped by both traditional and modern electronic music, they combine elements of ambient techno, glitch, minimal and breakbeats. Their influences include the likes of Boards Of Canada, Floating Points, Aphex Twin and Deadmau5.

Fusing modular and desktop synths, grooveboxes and samplers in their setup, Collab Coalition crafts its own distinctive voice in the electronic music scene. Digital drawings and animations by Ellen De Vos translate the music into an expressive framework and visually reinforce the musical experience.



Let yourself be taken on an imaginary journey through mysterious fantasy worlds where fiction and reality merge. A sensual audiovisual experience in which Collab Coalition guides you through their universe.