Collab Coalition

Electronic Music • Sound Design • Live Performance

CC# will be performing at KLASH Festival in C-Mine Genk on May 7th 2021!

Music by Patrick Housen and Dries Geusens

Visuals by Ellen De Vos

Concept by Collab Coalition

Create • Produce • Perform

Collab Coalition is a creative collective founded by Patrick Housen and Dries Geusens. In their work as electronic music producer, composer, sound designer or performing artist, they share a strong vision on artistic and technology driven creation processes. Innovative ideas are the driving factor in shaping their creative output.

Collab Coalition shares a background in advanced music theory, mutual interests in new music and an innate urge to explore the ever evolving technologies in their field.

They apply their idiosyncratic skills to continuously set and achieve new collective goals: releasing music, developing technology-driven multidisciplinary live performances and entering into cross-genre collaborations with like-minded artists.